Hi, I know you have probably heard about me, so I won't go into too much detail.  I love what I do for a living, hobby, entertainment, etc.  I had no idea I would derive so much pleasure from creating.  I think it's because I love a challenge and having to create and make it new, interesting, popular definitely challenges me.


 As I have said, I have only been doing this for about 18 months and now I have 4 websites, 3 Facebook Pages, and I'm in the process of adding stores to my sites.   I have also started a magazine and who knows

what I'll do next.

 I also contribute to various Stock Photo Companies and I'm preparing to be a contributor

to the Pixart Gallery on television.  I think that's a lot for such a short time. 


There is another reason why I'm trying to accomplish so much in such a short time and that is because I have Parkinson's Disease.  Unfortunately, Parkinson's attacks the muscles and you may not be able to do things that come so naturally and easy to others.  As time goes by, there is a progression of symptoms.  My concern is how long do I have until I can't create anymore.  

So there you have it, I'm working hard and enjoying every minute of it.


I will be running periodic donation drives on the site and Facebook.   I hope you will help those of us with medical bills, and care concerns.  It is terribly expensive when you're sick.  There are a lot of people suffering with Parkinson's Disease and millions more are diagnosed each year. 


Please donate! 

Thanks for visiting my websites, If you have any questions, I'm available to you, or if I can't be, I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.



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